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Thinking of Cleaning Your Carpets Yourself? Stop! Leave to a Professional For Better Results

There comes a time for every homeowner or landlord where they realise their carpets could do with a thorough clean.

There are two options available. You can give it a go yourself by hiring a domestic carpet cleaning machine, or you could even buy a machine yourself. However, in most cases, this isn’t worth the hassle and can produce poor results.

We always recommend hiring a professional when it comes to getting your carpets cleaned.

Top 4 Reasons to Have Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional

Although hiring a professional carpet cleaner is more expensive than ‘doing it yourself’, it’s worth the extra cost. Here’s why.

Better results

If you decide to clean your carpet yourself, you may barely notice the difference. After all, domestic carpet cleaners aren’t particularly powerful or designed to deal with common household stains.

Although a professional carpet cleaner costs more, they will produce fantastic results that are worth every penny, as long as you choose someone reputable. You’re guaranteed better results because professionals use expensive equipment which cannot rival the domestic cleaners. They also have the advanced solutions needed to tackle tough stains which household versions from supermarkets don’t compare to. 

Makes your life easier

As well as being more effective than domestic carpet cleaning machines, professional carpet cleaners have the equipment that will plough through the job. Making it much quicker and easier. DIY carpet cleaners aren’t particularly powerful, and so, if you have lots of rooms to clean, it could take hours or even days to complete. And then you have the added hassle of having to move heavy furniture, not to mention the bulky equipment as well! A professional does the job more quickly, and because they’re used to the weight of the machine, this is no problem for them.

Quicker to dry

Carpets that have been professionally cleaned take 75% less time to dry than using a domestic machine. This is mostly down to the fact that professional machines effectively remove moisture from the carpet while the cleaning takes place as well. So if you have your carpets professionally cleaned, they’ll dry in no time at all. If you try and clean your carpets yourself, they’ll probably remain damp for days and give off a rather unpleasant odour too! Plus, more dirt can be drawn into the carpet because of the moisture left there. 

Less risk of damage

Professional carpet cleaners know the fibres and materials of various types of carpets. So, they know the methods or chemicals that can be used to clean them without causing any damage. If you purchase or hire a household carpet cleaning machine in the hope of completing the job yourself, you could be in for some nasty surprises. Especially if you don’t know whether the machine or solutions are compatible with your carpets. Replacement carpets are expensive. Would you be able to foot the bill?

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