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We offer carpet cleaning in Swansea, Mumbles, Neath & Llanelli areas.

You can expect from us an affordable, experienced and reliable carpet & upholstery cleaning to suit the needs of your home as well as your business.

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Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Chris Walters and I’m the owner of Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea. 

We are a local family run business based in Swansea.

I have been trained in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and completed an Advanced course in Spot and Stain removal. 

I have full insurance including Treatment Risk which many Carpet Cleaners do not have. (This means that if damage is caused to your furnishings that I am cleaning my Insurance will cover it)

I have invested into training and machinery which helps in achieving the best results.

Two times award winners 2021 by ‘3 best rated‘ and ‘Wales Prestige Awards

Drying times for Cleaning Carpets or Upholstery range from 0 – 4 hours.

I cover other areas including Mumbles, Neath, Port Talbot, Llanelli, Ystradgynlais, Ystalyfera, Pontardawe, Clydach, Gorseinon, Birchgrove and Morriston.

Please contact me direct if you have any questions or concerns.

Chris Walters


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Insights on Carpet Cleaning Services in Swansea

Carpet cleaning services in Swansea helps you in cleaning the carpets, maintaining them in perfect condition. Our professional carpet cleaners near me will offer you excellent services in cleaning the carpet using our sophisticated technology. We know that every carpet cleaning job is different from the other, so we have to assess the carpet before cleaning.

Our team will notice all the high-traffic areas and heavily soiled regions then use hot water to extract all that debris. This will get rid of all the debris that may not be visible.

Typical Carpet Cleaning Prices in Swansea

Carpet Cleaning Swansea prices will largely depend on the condition of the carpet and also the size. The bigger carpets will be charged a higher fee than the smaller carpets. Some carpets contain a lot of stain from different things, which will mean there will be more work to be done. However, for the mats with less stain, it could be much cheaper since there is less work to be done.

Whichever the case is, we are the professionals who will make your carpet look brand new. Email or call us, and we will let you know how it goes from there. DIYing is an option, but you want excellent services that will leave your carpet sparkling. We use high-quality machines that may not be in your possession back at home.


Is it worth getting your carpets cleaned professionally?

Professional carpet cleaning services are very crucial. There are very many benefits sidelined with getting your carpet worked on by professionals. Here are some of the top reasons to hire our affordable services:

·  Extending your carpet lifespan

This is among the top reasons why you want your carpet cleaned by professionals. You will be shocked that dust, dirt, and allergens will accumulate and stick themselves in the fibers over time making the fibers deteriorate and split. 

However, removing this debris before it gets in your carpet will enhance the lifespan of the carpet. Our professionals will use sophisticated and friendly methods to remove this debris and leave your carpet clean.

·  Complete removal of bacteria and dirt

While it may seem easier to have a vacuum cleaner work on your carpet than looking for carpet cleaners near me, the vacuum cleaner will not satisfactorily accomplish the task. It will only get rid of the surface dirt. That means the debris embedded in the fibers will remain and could potentially damage your carpet.

·  Healthier environment

Some allergens trapped in your carpet could bring about respiratory issues when we breathe them in. They could also lead to allergic reactions, which is why you ought to let us professionally clean your carpet. We use high-temperature water that kills all these allergens before they can float in the air.

·  Eliminating carpet stain

The professional cleaning will ensure all the stain on your carpet is gone. We are capable of removing tough stains at very affordable prices. Stains such as pet stains, coffee spills, ink, mud and dirt, and even red wine are not stubborn to our cleaning methods. After we are done with the cleaning, you will be sure to find a dotless and sparkling carpet.

·  No residues

The vacuum might not leave residues, but some machines do. Also, if you decide to do it yourself, chances are, you will leave residues on the carpet. That is why getting professional carpet cleaners near me is a brilliant idea because choosing to hire the experts will gurantee the best results. 

·  Getting rid of the odour

Germs and other debris trapped in the carpet could produce lingering odours in the house for a long time. That could be accelerated by the presence of pets at home. Getting our professional services will clean the carpet and do away with the unpleasant odours.

·  Know Carpeting Specifications

Not every carpet will be cleaned using one standard procedure. As a professional team of carpet cleaners, we know that carpets have diverse thicknesses, qualities, and textures. That calls for different approaches when cleaning the different carpet materials. It will ensure every carpet is cleaned thoroughly with no damages to report.

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How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

The carpet being a significant component in your home, should look aesthetically appealing to enhance the stunning look in your home. As far as you want the carpet to last for long, you also want it to remain odor and dust-free. 

You want the house to stay as hygienic as possible and its also a representation of the monetary investment you made to bring up the home, which is why you want it to last.

To keep the carpet healthy and the room smelling fresh, we recommend that you get your carpet deep- cleaned every 12 to 18 months by professionals. However, this is general as the carpet cleaning could be based on several circumstances and personal preferences. Some families may prefer their carpet cleaned professionally every 6-12 months. If you do some of the following activities, then the frequency of the cleaning exercise could vary.

·  Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming the carpet every week helps preserve the carpet. Vacuuming will eliminate particles that fall to the carpet’s surface before they go deeper into the fibers. That technically means you can go for extended periods before hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaner. 

However, it is crucial to understand that no matter how regular the vacuuming is, you will still need to hire a professional carpet cleaning firm to remove the deep dirt and dust in your carpet. If you do not vacuum your carpet, then it is probably time to give us a call to work on the carpet before things get any worse.

·  Does anyone have allergies?

Allergies can be chronic if not well mitigated. This is another factor that may alter the frequency of professional carpet cleaning services. If anyone in the household has allergies to dust or dirt, then the carpet should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

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We are the most trusted and top-rated carpet cleaners in Swansea. Call or email us and we will meticulously clean your carpet and get rid of all stains, odours, and dirt.

Why you should choose Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea?

We are highly rated

We have over 70 - 5-star Google reviews. We are the highest rated carpet cleaning company in Swansea and surrounding areas.

Fair pricing

Our prices are tailored for the real world, we don’t charge insane fees like the bigger companies do. No compromise on the quality of work.

Previous clients include

Professional Rugby Players, Swansea City Footballers, Panjee Indian Restaurant, Abercrave Inn, Brynmill Community Centre, Bunter & Co Engineering, Funsters, Brynymor Primary School.

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Our cleaning products are eco-friendly and we use as little water as possible. We don't think only about profits, we also think of our planet.

We are local

We are a local and family run business in Swansea. By going for our services you can ensure that a personal touch is offered.

Two times award winners

Multi award winning company in 2021 awarded independantly by '3 best rated' and 'Wales Prestige Awards'

Carpet Cleaning Swansea Reviews

"Chris is very professional! Great communication, brilliant time keeping, and very thorough! I'm really fussy, and a tough one to please when it comes to cleaning. He's done a brilliant job on my carpets, I highly recccomend him!"
"Chris was recommended to me by my daughter, as I had a tough stain in my carpet I just couldn’t get out and thought it would need to be replaced. Chris came and did his magic and the carpet now looks like new with no stain to be seen, he has saved me a lot of money. 😊 I was so pleased I am arranging with Chris to come back and do my hall, stairs, landing and 2 bedroom carpets as well after the school holidays. I am very careful about businesses I recommend to others, however I am happy to now include Chris in my list of recommendations as I am confident in his work. Thanks Chris."
"I’ve only had my sofas 6 months but they were stained from products I used to try and clean them. Chris has them looking like new again and has scotchgarded them! So happy! He takes the time to explain things to you and is very tidy while doing the job! Highly recommend, thanks again Chris"
"Michael and Christopher visited our home to clean our carpets. With two big dogs living with us the carpets were not in good shape, but with Mike and Chris hardworking and professional attitude they got the work done and left us like new carpet smelling fresh. A massive thank you to you both we are really pleased with the results and will Deffo be recommending your services to all family and friends."

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Carpet cleaning Swansea FAQs

Carpet cleaning cost can vary, usually we need to see the carpet or upholstery that needs cleaned to give you an accurate quote.

We understand that pricing is one of the most important questions our customers want an answer for. Not all carpets are the same and there are many factors that can increase or reduce the price.

Here is a short list of what can increase and affect the price.

  • Amount of soiling
  • Stains (makeup, paint, tea, coffee, food spills)
  • Access to property
  • Parking restrictions outside the property
  • Distance to your property

As a result, we always offer a free visit to assess all issues detailed above and also to test the carpet fibre you want to be cleaned. By doing this allows me to determine the best procedure to clean your carpets. 

It is also important to make sure your carpets are secure to avoid possibly ‘Shrinking’ the carpet.

This free survey covers all of Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot and surrounding areas. Not many companies offer this personal service and that is one of the differences between a professional company that has been fully trained.

Please contact us and we will answer your questions.

We cover all of Swansea for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Some areas we cover are The Gower,
Neath, Port Talbot and as far as Llanelli.

Get in touch and we would be happy to accommodate.

We are available most days, you can call us to ask us about a specific date.

The average Carpet generally dries within
4-6 hours.

However, this will depend on type of fibre and amount of soiling.

Unlike other companies I carry a number of driers on my van and can often achieve zero drying times.  

If it’s classed as an emergency job I can call within 24 hours.

However, as a general I ask customer to allow 7 days notice.

Yes, I have attended Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning courses.

I have also attended an Advanced Spot & Stain course which gives me the knowledge and the ability to remove the most stubborn of stains.

More About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer an affordable, experienced and reliable carpet cleaning to suit the needs of your home as well as your company.

We’ve been trading now for many years, delivering domestic and business cleaning solutions not only in Swansea but also in Neath Valley, Port Talbot and other surrounding areas.

Our team members are fully trained in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and advanced stain removal. We are able to remove the most stubborn of spots & stains even if other carpet cleaners have tried and failed in the past.

We offer friendly, affordable, reliable and professional services to our customers. We understand the difficulty of choosing the right carpet cleaning company to come to your home and clean your furnishings which you would have spent a lot of money buying.

Our cleaning system works in a sustainable manner, using non-toxic, eco-friendly and fully biodegradable products to minimize environmental impact.

Having gained an excellent reputation over the last 10 years by many of our satisfied customers in Swansea. We are now the highest rated carpet cleaning company in the area.

5 Benefits of cleaning your carpets regularly

Getting carpet fitted for your home or office flooring is an excellent choice. Carpets are comfortable, they look great and are easy to install. But it is extremely important, that you take good care for them and maintain them clean. After all, it is the first thing your visitors see when they enter your house or company. Here are a few reasons why you should keep regular carpet maintenance.

Your carpets will live longer

Nobody can avoid spills and dirt being brought onto the carpet. Eventually, someone will tip that glass of wine or coca-cola, and you would need to make sure it will not become a permanent mark. Acting promptly and harmlessly cleaning the stains will protect your carpet from damage. Regularly hiring a carpet cleaning professional will extend your carpet’s life.

All the dirt will be gone!

Longer the spots and stains are allowed to stay on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove them. You would need some great power machine to clean them effectively. Besides, dirty carpets are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and germs. And that’s not good for your health.

You will prevent the spread of bacteria, dust mites and allergens

Eliminate all that is harmful in your home or office environment. The average child spends 90% of their time indoors. And according to Ambius, 40% of Brits spend only 15 minutes outdoors each day.

Hidden bacteria, dust mites or mould in your carpet can cause breathing problems, asthma and allergies. Especially for children or elderly population. Regular carpet cleaning ultimately helps your family and co-workers breathe easier and will reduce the risks of being sick.

The air will smell better

Carpet filled with dust and dirt will ultimately become unpleasant and smelly. If you hear the words like “stuffy”, “heavy air”, “unbreathable” or “can we please open a window here”, often the source of trouble is the carpet. A normal vacuum will no longer do the trick here. The best solution is to steam clean your carpet every once in a while to keep it fresh.

It will save you money in the long run

Quality carpets are often an expensive investment. Regular cleaning will protect your carpets and the money you have spent to purchase them.

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