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kick start your new year with fresh clean carpets

Kick Start Your New Year with Fresh & Clean Carpets

Christmas is that time of year when you can experience lots of different guests through your door. 

With family and friends descending for some much needed festive cheer, they may pay little attention to removing their shoes. For you, this can mean all sorts of dirt and debris being ground into your once pristine carpet, making it dark, dingy and unwelcoming. Clumsy family members and mulled wine don’t tend to go hand-in-hand. Meaning your once pristine carpet can soon look anything but!

Thankfully, by having your carpets professionally cleaned, your rooms can return to their once former glory, and you can enjoy a fresh and inviting environment once more. 

In our opinion, the new year is one of the best times to have your carpets cleaned because it sets you up for the year ahead and is easy to remember for when your next clean needs to take place. 

So, if this is a potential new years resolution for you, have a look at our guide. It takes you through how to clean the rooms of your home, step-by-step. One of which is hiring a professional carpet cleaner to rejuvenate your floors to their former glory.

How to Get Your Home and Carpets Looking Immaculate This New Year

Tidy your rooms. Keeping all your clutter stored away means that the job can be completed more efficiently. While knowing that every square inch of your carpet is going to be cleaned.

Start at your ceilings and work down. Get rid of cobwebs and dust around the edges of the ceiling. Then clean the walls and dust the furniture. Finally, give your carpets a good hover to get rid of the remaining dust and dirt.

Clean upholstery. If your chairs, curtains and soft furnishings could do with freshening up, do this before having your carpets cleaned. Cleaning soft furnishings can instantly make a room fresher and more inviting.

Tackle stubborn marks. Stains like coffee and red wine can be a nightmare to remove. For this task, you’ll need a specialist stain remover, designed for stubborn stains. We recommend getting your carpet cleaner to do this for you. They tend to have all the specialist chemicals which are much more effective than the ones you can get in supermarkets.

Have your carpets cleaned? You could try this yourself. But we would recommend calling in your local, professional carpet cleaner for a thorough clean of all your carpets throughout your home.

Final inspection. Give all your rooms a once over. This will make sure you haven’t missed any stains on any of your carpets or upholstery. 

Job done! Sit back and enjoy your clean home for another year. Just make sure to deal with any stains as they happen as they can be difficult to remove once dried in. 

If you haven’t yet made a new years resolution this January, consider having all your carpets cleaned by your local professional.

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