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ways to keep your carpet fresh with dogs

Own a Dog? Use These 5 Methods to Keep Your Carpets Fresh

If you are lucky enough to own a dog, you’ll probably know just how difficult it can be to keep the carpets throughout your home in good condition. Although you may be worried about keeping your carpet fresh, there are, of course, much worse problems that can happen with your carpets as a result of your pets.

Accidents happen, and carpets can be permanently stained as a result. Or, instead of your dog using its chew toy for fun, it may use your carpet as an alternative. Although we cannot advise on such problems, one thing we are experts on is keeping your carpets clean and fresh despite having dogs at home.

So, if you’re fed up of your dogs making a mess, and have considered drastic measures, such as replacing your carpets with hard floors, or even worse, giving up your beloved pet, this simply isn’t necessary.

We provide all the tips you need to keep your carpets in the best condition possible. 

Keeping Your Carpets Fresh as a Dog Owner

Keep your dog clean. Our advice here is simple, if you keep your dog clean, your carpet stays clean too, because any dirt or debris on your dog is less likely to get onto your carpet. The trick is to keep your dog well-groomed, in particular keeping its hair trimmed to reduce the amount that lands on the floor.

Vacuum your carpets regularly

Depending on the breed of dog you own, your dog will always shed a certain amount of hair. Although hoovering with a regular vacuum cleaner is normally sufficient, it doesn’t always pick up all of the hair. Our advice? Buy a vacuum specifically designed for pet hair for a thorough clean-up.

Act fast with accidents

It is a fact that from time to time, dogs do have accidents. However, it is the way that you deal with them that makes all the difference. You’ll need to act quickly, stains left for long periods will stain your carpet permanently.

Dog urine on carpet is a common problem, and this can be dealt with using a dog urine cleaner, plus baking soda or dog urine neutraliser to destroy the smell. Steam cleaners are also effective at dealing with accidental stains.

Use natural dog foods

Many dog foods contain high levels of artificial colours, which can be a nightmare to get out of your carpet if your dog has an accident. The easiest way to avoid this problem is by buying natural dog food which is low in artificial colourings, or better still doesn’t contain them at all. 

Have your carpets professionally cleaned

No matter how much time or effort you invest into keeping your carpets cleaned, sometimes you just feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. If this sounds familiar, we recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaner who can get your carpets smelling fresh once more. Or perhaps even looking as good as the day they were installed! 

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