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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

The carpets are the main components in the majority of households. They are very enjoyable to walk on and are great floor insulation. They also can be quite expensive, so naturally, everyone wants to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

The golden rule for most households is to hoover at least once a week and deep clean using a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all.

Everyone should look at their carpet conditions and identify what is best for their home.

Different factors may increase the frequency of cleaning needed.

Family lifestyle

To improve your home hygiene you must first ask certain questions. For example: “Are there children in the house?” “How many pets live in the house?” “Is there a smoker in the family?” “Do you allow to wear shoes inside the house?” According to the IICRC – Standard & Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning aspects of your family lifestyle determine the regularity of carpet washing.

Check your heavy traffic areas

Most of the people tend to walk the same path between rooms, as well as visit some rooms in the home, like a living room or bedroom more frequently than the others like spare bedroom or study. Logically these heavy traffic areas of the carpet will get dirty faster and will require more frequent cleaning.

What your carpet is made of?

Most of the carpet manufacturers will give detailed instructions on how to clean their carpets most effectively. If you do not know what material your carpet is, and how to clean it, do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer.

Most of the professional carpet cleaners are trained to identify the fabrics and choose the appropriate cleaning method.

Remember, if dirt is not removed regularly, it will become permanent.

Dirty carpets create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Keep a healthy environment for your family by asking to remove their shoes at the entrance, following the regular cleaning regiment and hiring the professional, that uses eco-friendly cleaning agents.

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