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home hoover or commercial carpet cleaning

Home Hoover or Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

D.I.Y. is a well-established mindset. It inspires an independence in the average person. Most people think the commercial carpet cleaning is only the companies. But they are wrong. It is understandable, that most of us like to achieve monumental goals as well as tackle the everyday challenges that come our way. It might seem like reaching when I say this applies even to hoovering the carpets, but it is true. We can put it on the old To-Do list and put a big fat tick beside it when we are done. If we can also save a few quid by doing our own carpet cleaning, why wouldn’t we?

But when we take a closer look, under the microscope, what would we find living in our carpets? Please note, this is not a recommended task for the squeamish. We would find a biome of bugs, arachnids and insects to make the modern-day pirate say ‘shiver me timbers’ from utter shock. There are more than 100 species of crawling things claimed to be living in even the cleanest of homes. That is disgusting or maybe spectacular depending on our thought processes.

What happens to these creatures when we attempt to tick off the carpets from our weekend chores list? And what happens to the bugs if we employ a commercial carpet cleaning service to deep clean the rugs?

Home Hoovering

Vacuuming is the first step when it comes to DIY carpet cleaning, and it is usually our only step too, unless there are visible spills and stains to treat. Running the hoover over the carpets will suck up some of the bugs that live in the woollen weave, and perhaps even some of the larvae. It depends what species of squatter(s) we are dealing with though. Cleaning regularly will be a great deterrent once our pests have hit the road, but we must truly make our message clear, “Get out and stay out!”

Once we have thoroughly hoovered the floors, we must follow up with a thorough steam or shampoo clean. If using a home-use/residential cleaner, we have to rely on stringent detergents to help remove the dirt and grime.

Some sources suggest using a boric acid powder and leaving it for a couple of hours after the steam treatment to kill off any remaining life in the carpet jungle. Then we must re-hoover to pick up the powder and dead bodies.

It all seems to be a bit much when we want to spend our time doing other things too, like enjoying the company of family and friends or having some free time to ourselves.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial steam cleaning temperatures range between 140 degrees Celsius for wet steam and 170 degrees Celsius for dry steam. And the pros can hit carpets with high pressure. The advantage of steam cleaning over-shampooing is being able to avoid or reduce the number of chemical detergents used in the home.

Another advantage of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is they will have a whole range of machines, accoutrements, products and expertise on hand that we personally do not have stuffed in our hall closets. When it comes to killing bugs and efficient cleaning, the pros not only know what to do, they are equipped to do it. High-pressure steam cleaning? Check. Dry carpet cleaning? Check. Commercial drying? Check. Wool or synthetic, shag or frieze carpets? Not a problem. Did someone say carpet mites? Gone.

In conclusion

Weighing the costs and the benefits of a DIY job and commercial carpet service when it comes to deep-cleaning the carpets is a no-brainer. Two or three times a year is well worth the time and effort of placing a call to our local pro carpet cleaners. Knowing the burden to clean, clean and re-clean is on someone who knows what they are doing and has the products necessary to get the job done extremely well is a tick off our ‘To Do’ list, no matter who is doing the work.

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