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How to Prepare For Your First Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Part of being a proud homeowner is taking care of your furnishings, including your carpet. However, perhaps you don’t think much about getting your carpet cleaned regularly. Carpet cleaning is important because it eliminates dust, dirt, and other debris that’s harmful to your health

If you’re having professional carpet cleaners clean your carpet, you want to make sure you’re prepared and ready for them. Doing so will ensure that your carpet is cleaned thoroughly. 

But how do you prepare well? Here are some tips for preparing for your carpet cleaning services. 

1. Ask The Cleaners

Because every carpet cleaning company is different, they may have some requirements for you. They likely expect people to ask this question, so don’t be afraid to ask what you can do to prepare for their visit. 

Before you do anything, call the company and ask what’s the best way for you to prepare. They may have a list of suggestions that can help. 

2. Move Furniture

Some companies will move furniture; some will not. This is another great question to inquire about your company before you start moving around your furniture. 

While you may not need to move large furniture pieces, smaller pieces like tables or lamps could be moved to another room. When you move furniture, your carpet can be cleaned fully. 

3. Pack Up Expensive Things

If you have several valuable and fragile items, you might want to think about storing them away, so they don’t become damaged or broken. Sometimes cleaning companies will move objects, but if you have something you want to make sure is taken care of and packed away. 

While carpet cleaners are extremely careful, you want to avoid any accidents as much as possible.

4. Vacuum

Vacuuming seems counterintuitive when you’re having your carpet cleaning, but providing this extra step may be helpful. Places that get high traffic should be exceptionally clean, so it may be a good idea to run the vacuum over your carpet in these places. 

Vacuuming beforehand may help your carpet cleaner get your carpets even cleaner. 

5. Put Away Loose Items

Having children means that there are toys and other items all over your floor. Sometimes they are under furniture or tucked behind corners. Before carpet cleaners come over, you’ll want to pick up all loose items like toys and other things, no matter how small they are.

A carpet that’s free of debris and clutter means that you won’t have small items accidentally ruined or lost during the cleaning. 

6. Make A Space

Carpet cleaners carry around a lot of equipment, so they typically have large vans, and they may need space to park. To move their equipment easily and smoothly, leave them a place to park in your driveway or close to the entrance to your home. 

If you have clutter around your doorway or the pathway to your home, you’ll want to make sure that the path is clear for equipment and cleaners.

7. Draw Up Your Drapes

Long drapes that hang to the floor will be an obstacle for carpet cleaners. Many will suggest that you take them off or tie them up, so they’re out of the way. 

Not only are they an obstacle for cleaning, cleaning products and moisture may get on your drapes. To protect them, tie them up at least six inches from the ground. 

8. Prepare Your Pet

One of the reasons you need a deep clean is because pet’s fur and other debris make their home in your carpet. But no matter how much you love your pet, it’s probably best that they stay out of the way when carpet cleaners come to call. 

If you have a pet that becomes overexcited when people come over, you may want to crate your pets or put them in a safe place while the carpet cleaners are doing their work. This is for the safety of everyone. 

9. Clean The High Places

Dust can accumulate in high places and then fall, making your carpets even dirtier. This is true for places like bookshelves, fans, 

While you don’t need to do a deep clean before the carpet cleaners arrive, it’s wise to dust and clean to keep things out of their way. Dusting, especially high places, ensures that there won’t be extra to clean when they’ve left. With dusted high places, your carpet will stay cleaner for longer. 

10. Post-Cleaning

After your carpet is cleaned, you want to make a plan as to how you’re going to put your room back together. You’ll have to ask the carpet cleaner how long you’ll need to keep furniture and other items off the carpet because it may need time to dry. Once you know how long it needs to dry, then you can plan on replacing your things. 

Another aspect to consider is if you’re having your carpet cleaned for events. You may need to stay off the carpet for several hours or a few days. If you’re planning on having company, plan your carpet cleaning appropriately, so the cleaning job isn’t ruined. 

Get the Best Carpet Cleaning for Your Home

When you’re considering carpet cleaning for your home, you want to ensure everything is in order, including preparation. When you prepare well for your carpet cleaning, you know that the job will be well done. 

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