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Commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: How Often Should It Occur?

Did you know that carpets can trap all kinds of nasty pollutants? This can include pesticides, lead, mould spores, dust mites, cockroach allergens, dust, and dirt.

Now more than ever, it is important to keep our spaces as clean as possible. Wiping down surfaces, upholstery cleaning, and carpet cleaning are necessary to keep a safe environment.  

When you make a cleaning list and delegate these tasks to staff you should know how often each cleaning should take place. Then, you can schedule an appointment with Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea. 

Keep reading to find out how often you should schedule commercial carpet cleaning at your business. 

What Impacts How Often Carpet Cleaning Needs Doing?

Five factors will impact how often you should schedule a carpet cleaning. This includes seasonal changes, how often it’s used, high traffic areas, the type of carpet, and the colour of the carpet. 

Seasonal changes will affect your carpets depending on where you live. If you experience all four seasons in full swing, your carpets will probably need cleaning more often.

Employees and clients bringing in rainwater, snow, mud, or ice melt will affect how your carpets look. You may try to combat this with doormats, but it’s nearly impossible to stop seasonal changes from getting through the door. 

How often the space gets used will change how often the carpet needs cleaning. If there are parts of your business that get almost no foot traffic there is no sense in getting it cleaned as often as high traffic areas. 

That said, high-traffic areas require the most attention. Carpet in areas that get walked on throughout the day needs vacuuming at least once a day. In areas like this, your carpet will wear out and become stained quickly. 

What type of carpet is in your building? If you have a short nap carpet, commercial carpet cleaning should be easier and done less often than if you have a high nap carpet. 

What colour carpet is in your building? Darker coloured carpet can hide stains and wear better than light-coloured carpet. Keep an eye on your light-coloured carpet, you don’t want a client walking into a room with a large stain. 

How Often Do I Schedule Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Despite all the factors we have gone over, there are still hard rules for when commercial carpet cleaning needs to be scheduled. You should have a deep cleaning performed by a professional at least once every two years. 

Do you have many high traffic areas, light-coloured carpets, or high nap carpets? Then, it is wise to schedule these appointments even closer together. Once per year or biannually is recommended. 

A general commercial carpet cleaning should be done at least once per year. It may be done more if your carpet receives a lot of footfall. 

What Do I Do Between Cleanings?

Between cleanings, ensure that vacuuming is being done at least every other day for high and medium-traffic areas. Once a week for low-traffic areas should do. 

Keep a lookout for stains and tend to them immediately so they do not become unfixable. 

Prioritize vacuuming and stain removal between commercial carpet cleanings. This will allow your carpet to look better, longer. 

Do I Schedule an Upholstery Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning services such as Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea do professional upholstery cleaning. If your business uses upholstered furniture it is a good idea to schedule cleanings for them at least once per year. 

Your carpets are not the only things holding in dust and dirt. Have your upholstered furniture cleaned often to keep your workplace safe and clean for employees and clients. 

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