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Your Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Depending on the material, your carpet can last a decade or longer. While this longevity can be a great thing for homeowners, it also comes with a lot of carpet cleaning!

Knowing the proper steps to clean and care for your carpet can not only increase its lifespan but keep it looking brand new. Continue reading to learn about how to properly clean your carpet and when to call in the professionals!

Basic Maintenance Steps

To keep your carpet clean, you need to vacuum regularly. This could mean once a week or daily, it all depends on how often it gets used or what the room is used for. This basic step will also help reduce some of the health and allergy problems caused by ill-maintained carpets.

If you live in a household with children or pets, it’s a good idea to have a designated area to wipe shoes or paws before stepping on the carpet. This will prevent outdoor dirt or grass from staining your indoor carpet.

You’ll also want to be alert for carpet stains; the more time it spends in the fabric, the harder it is to remove. The removal process depends on the type of stain, but soap, water, and vinegar can often do the trick. While it’s tempting to attack the stain, taking your time to dab it will ensure that it does not spread.

Cleaning Products

There are tons of products aimed at specific types of stains like wine or pets, but these can be harmful to the environment or your health.

Carpet cleaning products, especially deodorizing ones, can be irritable to people with allergies or toxic to pets. Even if you don’t live with allergies, children, or pets, the cleaner type you use can cause discomfort in guests. You’ll want to go for hypoallergenic products and potentially fragrance-free as well.

If you’re using a carpet steamer or other device, it can be great for thorough cleanings, but it may put a strain on the environment. These machines require cleaning solutions and water, so it’s important to be mindful of how much water is used per cleaning or if the solution is eco-friendly.

Using a Professional Service

It is recommended that you get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year regardless of upkeep.

This residential and commercial service goes beyond vacuuming by using speciality equipment and cleaning solutions to deep clean carpets. The best carpet cleaners will also customize their approach and pricing depending on the carpet type, size, and soil level.

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