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five reasons you should hire a professional cleaner

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Practical, easy on the eye, and making the cold Winter nights a bit more bearable, having a carpeted floor can transform any room. Throw in a spilt glass of wine, your fluffy pet and a toddler, and your once-pristine floor space suddenly looks less appealing. 

Out goes the modern home feeling you’ve been building over the years and in comes the constant battle with making your carpets look fresh and clean once more. As much as we hoover, scrub and try to bring our carpets back to life, it’s not as simple as it first appears. 

Enter the professional carpet cleaner. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire one today:

Industry-standard knowledge

Where else are you going to find expert knowledge on how to get your carpets in tip-top condition? The beauty of hiring a professional carpet cleaner is that you won’t find the same level of expertise anywhere else!

Not only will the pros use high-quality cleaning products, but they will also make your carpet look as good as new. Which let’s face it, is better than you using any old cleaning product that will likely have lasting consequences. 

Hiring a professional will ensure that your carpet won’t get damaged and give you a more effective and deeper clean. They will have a better understanding of what products tackle different stains too. 

Less chance of moisture buildup

Unlike you or I, a professional carpet cleaner is more likely to use low-moisture equipment matched with industry-standard techniques. At first, soaking a stain with a wet cloth or sponge may seem like the best idea until you realise months later that mould now covers the spot. Or worse, mould has grown underneath your carpet!

A professional will treat your carpet with chemicals and products that are designed to keep moisture buildup down to a minimum. In the long run, you will save money and have carpets that will last for years. 

A job well done

Did you know that the likes of salmonella, staphylococcus and e. Coli can easily take up residence in your carpet? After all, most of us give them the perfect opportunity to live unnoticed in our homes. Each of these pathogens can lead to a serious illness that can run rife through a household before you’d ever be aware of them. 

Then, think about your walk through the park where your dog trampled through x, y, z along the way. Stomping back through your front door, said pooch has managed to trample dirt and who knows what else, all over your living room carpet. 

Fortunately, the professionals know how to banish unwanted microorganisms, bacteria and harmful germs from your carpets! 

While making your carpets hygienic and safe for use, the pros will only ever use techniques which will maintain the appearance and texture of your carpets. 

Trusted, formulated cleaning products

A myriad of old wives tales has made their way into most of our lives. From the magic of lemons, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, we’ve all been there. Some of them work, and some of them add to the damage. 

Getting a professional carpet cleaner in to treat your carpets will bring a scientifically-backed product range into your home. A good cleaner will only ever use trusted, formulated cleaning products that are specifically designed to treat specific scenarios. They will remove stubborn stains and dirt that your Grandma’s cleaning concoction would struggle to budge. 

What’s more, your carpets are unlikely to fade or have colour-altering chemicals thrown at them. A professional will use cleaning solutions, detergents and sanitisers to get to the root of the problem. They will also offer you helpful advice to keep your carpets in good condition, as well as maintaining good cleaning practices. It’s a no brainer!

Stress-Free lifestyle

Working all hours under the sun, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your family in check is a lot for anyone to take on. Throw in keeping your home in a clean and tidy state, and you’ve got your work cut out before you can even think about sitting down after a long day. 

So why embrace the stress when you can get someone in to make life easier?

Cleaning carpets require a lot of elbow grease, some practical knowledge, and you’ve guessed it, time. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner in to get the job done for you will instantly take a job off of your hands.

Any type of cleaning is enough to put a lot of us off. So why add to the stress of your daily life? Hire a professional carpet cleaner to get the best possible job done!

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