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3 Questions to Ask Your Professional Carpet Cleaner

It’s important to clean your carpet regularly — and to make sure that it’s a thorough clean.

Otherwise, you won’t just be subjected to a darkening carpet. You’ll also have to deal with the unfortunate smells and hygiene issues that come with an unclean carpet.

But before you haul out any DIY solutions, it’s best to call a professional.

When you do, it’s also important to make sure that the professional in question is right for the job.

Keep reading to learn about three questions to ask your professional carpet cleaner. 

1. Will You Perform an Inspection?

There are several, interrelated reasons why you would want a professional carpet cleaner to perform an inspection beforehand. First, an inspection will provide a more accurate estimate of the service’s costs.

Second, an inspection better ensures that the contractor in question is legit. If they throw you a number without looking at the area that needs to be serviced, steer clear. Most likely, they’re charging a number that they want to earn, regardless of how accurate it is for the service they’re providing.

There are too many great contractors to stick with one that won’t provide a basic service. Whether you’re looking for a carpet cleaner in Swansea or a carpet cleaner in Llanelli, make sure the pro you’re working with performs every service necessary for their job.

2. Will You Charge for Moving Furniture?

Part of this service’s costs come from material costs. But with any contracting service, there may also be other additional charges. So before you rely on the first price tag, make sure you understand the potential financial obstacles that come with the service.

For carpet cleaning, one of those expenses is moving furniture. Moving a few chairs might not constitute an extra charge. But the more furniture there is to move, the less time they have to perform their service.

Naturally, this means that they might charge for moving furniture. To make sure, just ask your contractor. They’ll let you know if they charge for moving furniture, and for how much.

3. What Materials Are You Using?

For some people, it’s important to monitor any substance that enters their home. That’s not because they’re particularly paranoid. They may also have pets, asthmatic family members, or allergies to common cleaning ingredients.

Either way, it’s fair to ask your contractor about their materials and the ingredients in their cleaning products. This way, you can potentially avoid lethal anaphylactic reactions or other serious physical medical reactions.

Let a Professional Carpet Cleaner Handle Your Floors Today!

Having a clean carpet is important for reasons beyond good looks. It also makes sure that you kill any lingering bacteria on your carpet and remove allergens. This makes carpet cleaning both a health and cosmetic issue.

So if you need a clean carpet, contact us at ProCarpetCleaningSwansea today! We provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning for domestic and commercial customers. Not only that, but we’ll leave you looking forward to our professional carpet cleaner services in the future too!

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